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Fresh Kegs to Good Homes

The Fish Tale Ales, Leavenworth Biers and Spire Mountain Ciders that you enjoy fresh from the Fish Tale Brew Pub taps are also available for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home. Or back yard. Or church social. You name it: Anywhere you'd care to roll out the barrel, you can roll out one of ours.

When a six pack just isn't enough, call us at (360) 943-3650 or write to .com to inquire about available styles, or to make your keg reservation. We can also let you know about any up-coming release dates for seasonal ales and specialty items.



Attractive price


1/2 barrel
--the standard keg

15.5 gallons
(about 120 pints)


Keg: $50
Tap: $50 w/$5 cleaning fee

1/6 barrel
--for smaller events

5.17 gallons
(about 40 pints)


Keg: $50
Tap: $50 w/$5 cleaning fee