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Fish is fortunate to have access to high-quality, local ingredients perfect for making our Fish craft beers. This starts with the very basics: water, malt, hops and yeast.

We brew on a 40 barrel brewhouse with a mix of 30 and 60 barrel fermentation tanks. Our annual production capacity is approximately 38,000 barrels of beer and 7,160 barrels of cider, for a total of 45,160 barrels. The brewery is constantly growing to keep up with Washington’s hearty appetite for delicious craft beer.

Follow our process and see what goes into making each batch of beer!

Fun Fish Facts


What is the size of your brew system? 

40 Barrels - A barrel is a unit of measure that refers to the amount of wort that can be produced.

How many barrels do you produce each year? 

Each year Fish produces approximately 38,000 barrels of beer and 7,160 barrels of cider, for a total of 45,160 barrels of tasty craft beverages.

How many fermenters does Fish Brewing have to make your great beers?

We have 14 different fermenters in our brewery.


How long does it take to brew a batch of beer?

Each batch of beer takes six hours to brew and between two weeks to a month to arrive in a bottle.

Where do you get your grain? 

We love supporting our local farmers and strive to source our grain from local suppliers in the Northwest. For some of our special releases we source some of the specialty grains from Great Britain, France, and Germany.


Where do you get your apples and what kind of apples do you use in your cider?  

Washington State is known for apple so we source all of our apples from local Washington growers.  The type of apples we use depends on the type of cider we are making.  We use a combination of Red, Gala, Honey Crisp, Fuji, Braeburn, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples.


What happens to your spend grain? 

Farm animals love our grain, over 400,000 pounds of spent grain used to feed hungry cattle in 2016.  Even a few goats were able to enjoy the labors of our brewers.

Do you bottle your beers?

Yes, Fish does bottle our year around and seasonal release beers, in both 12oz and 22oz bottles.  On a good day and the moon and sun are in perfect alignment, we can package close to 100-120 bottles a minute. 

Do you ever barrel age any of your beers?  

Yes, we almost always have a tasty brew aging in our barrel room.  We work with our sister company Silver Lake Winery and several local distillers to acquire our barrels to impart just the perfect flavor in our beers.

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