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Eightmile Alt

Alpine-style Ale

Gold Medal,
German‐Style Brown Ale/Düsseldorf‐Style Altbier category:
2010 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition

A crisp rendition of the classic ales of Düsseldorf, Eightmile Alt is remarkably smooth and richly copper-hued. This is an ideal session bier, brewed to a gentle strength with one of the cleanest palates you’re likely to find. Lightly hopped and not too sweet, Eightmile Alt is bier for friends sharing the day’s adventures.

4.6% alc/vol   1.047 OG   25 IBUs

Consider rock climbers: daring alternative types to some, in Leavenworth they’re just folks. To hang with the folks, head west to the edge of town and turn left onto Icicle Road. A few miles more and another turn later, you’ll find yourself at Eightmile Campground. Over the road and through the woods leads you up to a rock climber’s paradise. That explains all the rock climbers there. Our Alt is a toast to them.

Eight Mile Alt
Eightmile Alt

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